2nd meeting summary

In today’s meeting, we discussed the two papers that were emailed out earlier. We divided up into 4 groups, and each group presented a summary of one of the studies in Dweck’s scientific papers. If you weren’t at the meeting, I’ve inculded the reading questions below. It would be great if one or two people could take a moment to post summaries of the last two studies, which we did not get to, in the comments below.

How not to talk to your kids:

  1. Who were the subjects of this study?
  2. What is the question Dweck was trying to answer in this study?
  3. What was the difference in the treatment that subjects in this study received?
  4. What differences in outcomes did Dweck find for different treatments?
  5. What is the difference between growth and fixed mindset? How was Dweck able to distinguish the two in the study?
  6. Can you think of any follow up questions Dweck might have been able to study?
  7. What questions do you have after reading this article?

Praise for intelligence can undermine children’s motivation and performance.

  1. What are the ways in which Dweck hypothesizes ability praise can negatively affect children?
  2. Who were the participants in Dweck’s studies?
  3. Describe each of the 6 studies Dweck performed. What was the central question or goal of each study? You will be assigned one study to read about and explain to the group at large.
  4. What is the meaning of “blind,” as in “experimenters remained bling to children’s goal choices?” why is this important?
  5. Are there any terms or procedures which you did not understand?

How not to talk to your kids

Link: http://nymag.com/print/?/news/features/27840/

Link: http://bit.ly/dweckpaper


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