Dweck’s latest work—You have as much willpower as you think you do

I saw this headline in Science Daily, and I thought “gee, this sounds like Dweck’s research,” and sure enough, it looks like Dweck is extending her research about fixed and growth mindset to ask questions about willpower. Here’s a key finding:

If you think of willpower as something that’s biologically limited, you’re more likely to be tired when you perform a difficult task,” said Veronika Job, the paper’s lead author. “But if you think of willpower as something that is not easily depleted, you can go on and on.

Now, test your growing understanding of pyschology research. How do you think Prfoessor Dweck’s students were able to measure this effect? Who did they study?

You can read the Science Daily Article here:

Need a Study Break to Refresh? Maybe Not, Say Researchers.

Here’s a link to the article abstract. I will post the full article once I can find access to it.

article link:

Ego Depletion—Is it all in your head?



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